Author: Jana Limboli

How much do we need to sleep

A koala sleeps between 18 and 22 hours. Other than being a big fan of sleeping, a Koala’s metabolism is very slow and requires it to sleep for a long time to ensure a proper digestion. They need to sleep a lot to conserve their energy as their diet consists of mainly eucalyptus leaves, holding […]

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What is the difference between the three types of acrylic Mermaid Blankets we manufacture?

A lot of people ask about the difference between the different Koala Mermaid blankets styles. All of the styles are wearable cozy Mermaid Blankets, but each is a bit different from the other: 1) The regular Adult Mermaid Blanket: The regular adult mermaid blanket by Koala Original is a high quality machine made blanket. It […]

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